Lord, Help me on my way short prayer

Lord, Help me on my way short prayer, free christian card, free prayer, pray,
I need you, Lord, give me your strength,
Brighten up my steps with your word,
Let me hear your sweet voice,
keep me away from evil and danger.
Lord, new challenges arise before me,
give me strength to face them with faith
to believe you, you're the one who brings me forward
and enables me to accomplish the purpose you want.

I trust your promises, I trust you, Lord
Help me to keep my life  in obedience to your commands,
never away from you, If I have failed,
I ask you to forgive me and do your work in me.

This road is very difficult if you do not go with me,
so I want to walk it with you,
With You I overcome obstacles,
I have victory in your love, Lord. Amen.