Short prayer for protection of children

protection short prayer children daughter son
Short prayer for protection of children
Lord, my God, tonight I ask
you to raise a wall of protection around my children,
so they can be protected from spiritual forces,
protect them from any danger.
Thank you Lord, for my children, you have been
a shield around them,
You are who lifts our head,
may my children will never be afraid to do good
but fear to do wrong,
put them willpower and your power can overcome
any temptation to want to make them sin.

Lord, we ask you tonight
break any chain that have oppression
that leave no spiritual freedom
in my family, please give your coverage
to each member of this family,
may your power to manifest giving liberation,
unleashing the sitting tied
for any situation or circumstance.
We ask you Lord,
your light shine in every heart,
may it reveal any situation that is in dark,
may take away any wickedness
of this home and its surroundings.
In the name of Jesus, protect my children Father,
we trust in your mercy and hope. Amen.
Mery Bracho