Prayer in moments of trouble and anguish. Prayer in times of need

 This prayer is for your inner peace, to ask God to intervene in those moments when you feel distressed or burdened, when there is no peace in your heart.  The deeper our problems are, the more intensely we need to cry out to God. Let us pray this prayer with all our heart. 

Good Night Short Prayers to say before bed for the Family

prayer before going to bed christian prayer image by mery bracho

When it gets dark and we are tired we want to go to rest and go to bed to sleep fast. But it is good to make a night prayer and teach others in the family that praying to God for protection is important. 

Let's rest in a quiet sleep trusting that God cares for us and will give us a quiet sleep. 

How good it is for everyone to think about how great God before saying Good night. Let's pray before going to bed.

Thank you Prayer for My Family. Short Prayers for Strength and Protection

christian prayer for my family blessings
When the family is facing difficult problems it is necessary for parents and children to be able to ask God for help in powerful prayers to resolve conflicts whether between family members or with other difficult issues.

Let's pray with faith for our home and keep believing in God's power because there is nothing impossible for Him to solve.