Phrases and Thanksgiving Short Prayers


christian short prayer thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving to God is the one we should pray every day of our lives because we receive his blessings, he will always be with us and help us in every need.

Let's make this prayer, Thanksgiving, it doesn't have to be one day a year like Thanksgiving, it can be any day you want to be thankful, when you realize that everything you have is thanks to God.

We can say this prayer as a family at a family dinner, before eating, before bed or when we wake up in the morning.

Phrases and Short Thanksgiving Prayers

Phrases with short prayers of thanks and gratitude to God. Thanksgiving for all that He gives us.

Thanksgiving Prayer

Eternal God, we thank you because we have the joy of breathing, for being able to walk and move without difficulty from one place to another.

Thank you God for giving us the ability to see and enjoy all that you give us.

Thank you God for being able to speak and express what we feel and what we think. That with all our senses we can give honor to your name and bless others.

Thank you Lord for each day of life that you give us to take advantage of it and not to waste it.

We thank you, God, for loving us so much that you saved us from all our sins through your Son Jesus.

Thank you God for being able to get up with strength every day and for being able to work, to be useful in what we do.

Lord, we thank you for taking care of us day and night. With your protection we are happy, you keep us from danger and from all evil.

Lord, today we express our thanksgiving for food, for being able to have our daily bread on our table, for blessing us with what we need and much more.

Thank you God for the peace you give us to wake up calm and sleep peacefully, to face the daily challenges, to have serenity in the midst of problems and to leave all matters in your hands knowing that you take care of us.

Today, this family thanks you for all your goodness, Lord, thank you for this home that you give us, for always being with us and because we know that you will always be by our side.

This thanksgiving we express to you, our provider and good Shepherd, our Almighty God, owner of heaven and earth, the deserving of all our worship. Amen.

Mery Bracho

Prayer before eating a Thanksgiving Dinner with the family.

Eternal and good God, we thank you for giving us your love and for blessing all of us who share this table today.

We ask that this meal be of benefit to our bodies, we thank you for your provision that has made this special meal possible.

Lord, bless the food and bless our lives with your peace, your protection and your love, may we always be willing to share what you give us with others.

Today I pray that you bless those who prepared this food or those who brought it.

Multiply the blessings for all of us who share together and help us to be compassionate for those in need.

Thank you Lord for being our God who hears us whenever we present our requests to you.

Thank you for the life you give us and for all that you will give us in the future.

Grant us peace and that we may once again celebrate a dinner together to give thanks for all your goodness.

We pray and thank you for everything, our eternal and powerful Lord God. Amen.

Mery Bracho