Good Night Short Prayers to say before bed for the Family

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When it gets dark and we are tired we want to go to rest and go to bed to sleep fast. But it is good to make a night prayer and teach others in the family that praying to God for protection is important. 

Let's rest in a quiet sleep trusting that God cares for us and will give us a quiet sleep. 

How good it is for everyone to think about how great God before saying Good night. Let's pray before going to bed.

 Good Night Short Prayers to say before bed 

Good Night Bedtime Prayers for Peaceful Sleep

Good evening, Lord, at this moment I rest all my anxiety, all burden or affliction before you, my God and my savior, my deliverer and my healer.

I believe in your liberating power, I believe that you are a God of new opportunities, that you are a shield around me and my whole family, that you protect us and no danger will reach us.

May I rest in peace tonight, meditating on your promises of peace and love.

Tomorrow I will wake up with the best spirit, with the strength  that is found in Jesus who tells me to put all my anxieties in Him because He takes care of me.

I sleep calmly and without anxiety, I don't complain about the day, your mercy sustains me,  I thank you God for everything, you will give a peaceful dream to those you love, I trust in your great love and kindness, and tonight I fear nothing, You are my good Shepherd  and I will lack nothing. Amen.

Mery Bracho

christian night prayer before sleeping by mery bracho

Short Prayer Before going to Bed

Blessed Lord, on this dark night all fear goes away because I am in your arms, I rest in your care, I believe that your presence fills this house. 

When I am ready to sleep I seek you in prayer asking for your protection while I sleep.  

In peace I lie down because only you make me live in complete serenity and peace.  

I ask you to give me a good time, that I may sleep peacefully, that I may rest in your loving care that you always give me. Amen. 
Mery Bracho

i´m going to sleep in peace night prayer

Family Night Prayer to Sleep Quietly and Protected by God

Thank you for loving us, Lord, thank you for being the keeper of our family, you take care of each of my loved ones wherever they are.  We all rest in your strong, comforting arms.  

Lord, when everyone in my house is asleep, the little and the grown ones, I beg you to surround my home with your power and your protection. 

Take care of our sleep and our dream, deliver us from all evil, keep this family from all danger, from evil intentions, as your Word says, we live in your shelter, Most High, we live in your shadow, Omnipotent Lord.  

Lord, with You we are safe, no one can harm us or hurt us because You defend us.  Give us a quiet night. 

Thank You, God for being our refuge, You will keep us from anguish, from brokenness, from pain, from affliction. 

Tonight may your presence fill our hearts with gratitude and love.  

Take care of our sleep, mighty God, you control all things and there is nothing that happens but by your will.  

Protect us from evil, from harmful thoughts, protect us from bad friendships, bad websites and evil influences.  

Blessed God, worthy to receive all praise and worship, I surrender to you, I surrender all that I am and even what I want to be, I give myself to you, with all my mistakes and my desires.

I ask you to cleanse me with your precious blood, cover me and cleanse me from my wickedness.  

Great and faithful God, tonight I meditate on all the great things you have done for me and my family and I thank you for being so good, for being kind to each of us, taking care of every need. 

Deliver us from all evil, God, you are the strong one in battle, that nothing and no one prevents us from having a right relationship with you, deliver us from the power of the enemy.  

No one will be able to face us because you protect us.  

In the name of Christ, I ask you to answer our bedtime prayer before going to sleep. Amen. 
Mery Bracho

Christian Images with Night Prayers

image protection prayer night prayer
Dear God, thank you for your peace, 
we go to sleep knowing 
we are in your hands 
and we are safe. 

Thank you for your protection,
thank you for the peace of mind,
for giving me a good sleeping. 

I'm going to sleep in peace
because you stay by my side. Amen.

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good night quote before going to sleep

Video Bedtime Prayer spoken version