Prayer to say before sleeping. Good Night

Prayer to say before sleeping. Good Night
Lord, I bless Your holy Name,
thank you for guiding me,
even at night you teach me.

I know that you are always with me,
thank you for being here by my side.
I rest safely.

Thank you for the strength
that you gave me
during the day,
thank you for the moments I lived
and for the lessons I learned.

Lord, before resting I pray for my family
please, show your love
and mercy to each one,
may your healing hands be
upon those who are sick,
give strength to my family
to live life with joy and peace.

Lord, we are going to sleep
with confidence,
in your care and protection,
give us a good night. Amen.
Mery Bracho

Bedtime prayer, Good Night Short Prayer for you before going to bed by  Mery Bracho