Night Prayer. Protection for the Family

Before we all go to sleep in the family we will say a short prayer for the protection of this night of rest. May God keep us from harm and bless us in our night's rest at home.

Night Prayer. Protection for the Family

Our Father in heaven, owner of all the universe, I give you the glory and honor for all you do and will do.

The night has come with the weariness, and I prepare to sleep with my family.

I pray that this time of rest will be good, we want to regain our strength because it has been a tiring day, with so many burdens and problems, I have been tired of having to deal with so many responsibilities, at work and also at home with my children.

Lord, thank you for your love, you are our keeper,  
we sleep with your divine protection, you are our protective shield and our defender. 

No force of evil will bother us because we believe that your angels will take care of us. They are our guardians sent by you so that we may have a peaceful and blessed night.

Lord, increase my strength like the strength of the buffalo, that tomorrow I may wake up renewed and confident because I live with you and I am ready to do all things as you direct me.

You are the Most High and the Almighty, the one who moves things according to your desire, in your power I trust you to help me out of my difficulties that many times I do not know how to solve them. Take control, eternal God, put your powerful hand in every area of my life and my family.

Thank you for this good night of joy and peace, your serenity will make me sleep peacefully, in that calm that is only found when I trust you fully.

You are blessed forever, Lord, you are slow to become angry and great in mercy and truth. You have given me life, give me a good sleep, thank you for giving me a home and all good provision, I trust you will make a way for me and guide me.

Also on this night I want to intercede for those who are sick, I beg you to heal them, to bring vitality and new strength to their bodies so that they may glorify you for the wonderful work you will do.

Lord, help my country, look at all the problems we face as citizens, that there may be justice, that we live in peace and tranquility, give wisdom to each of those in authority, in the name of Christ I pray.
I bless your name, Lord, on this quiet night when I close my eyes thinking of your great love that does not end and does not change. 

 Help me to love you with all my heart and with all my mind, that with my strength I may serve you and I ask you to always keep hope alive in me. In the name of Christ I pray, Amen.
Mery Bracho