Prayer in moments of trouble and anguish. Prayer in times of need

 This prayer is for your inner peace, to ask God to intervene in those moments when you feel distressed or burdened, when there is no peace in your heart.  The deeper our problems are, the more intensely we need to cry out to God. Let us pray this prayer with all our heart. 

Prayer in moments of trouble and anguish. Prayer in times of need

Lord, I believe that you are the powerful God, that everything you want to do you do, you are the same as yesterday, today and forever, you never change, you are eternal and faithful.  

I thank you today for being with me even though I feel very distressed and worried today. With all my being I want to adore You even in the midst of my need.  I beg You to affirm my thoughts in Your Word.  May I seek in you the refuge I need.  

Thank you God for being the sovereign God, nothing happens if you don't allow it, nothing escapes your control. 

Lord, Take away all fear I am feeling because of the problems I face, I surrender all anxiety to you and embrace your peace I know you will take care of me.

Lord, I come to take shelter in your grace and love, thank you for your providence, for being the kind God who knows how to help me in every situation.  

I have burdens, my worries want to put anguish in every moment but I have you, you are the source of my peace, help me to rest in you and not in my own way of doing things. 

Help me to live under your commands, that I may be obedient to what you are guiding me through your Word.  I will hold on to your promises and trust you to save me from all my troubles.   

Eternal God, with a humble heart I seek You, take my burdens and protect my heart from despair.  Do your will in my life, may your light illuminate my darkness.  

Thank you God for your love that will embrace me, I will not be afraid, I will wait in your mercy, deliver me in my dark valleys and give me life in times of uncertainty.  

Lord, I want to know your truth in order to live trusting in it, show me your Word and help me to reflect on it.   

I praise you, blessed God, I adore you, you are the only one worthy of worship, I always want to put you in the first place in my life.   I want to love you with all my heart, my soul, my strength and my mind.  

Lord, give me patience to wait for your deliverance in all my anguish, pull me out of the pit of despair, free me from fear and give me deliverance from any bondage that does not allow me to praise you freely.

Heal my spirit and my heart, free me from my burdens, I leave them before you, I am tired of continuing to do my will, to seek my own justice and to want to do things my way.  I need You, God.  Heal me and fill me with your Holy Spirit.

Comfort my heart, I come surrendered at your feet, give me courage and strength to continue, that it may be with your motivation and in your mercy.  

I will always thank you for healing my life, I will thank you for filling my heart with your healing and restoration, blessed Lord.  

I will bless you with all my soul, Lord, I will make sure I do not forget any of your benefits, you have filled me with your favor, thank you for having saved me before, I know you will rescue me again.  

I bless you today as nature blesses you, as the angels and all your creatures bless you. You are the true God, I recognize that you are the owner and Lord of heaven and earth.  

Thank you for having created me with purpose, I will get out of this difficult situation with your powerful help, thank you for hearing and answering my prayer.  

Thank you for wanting me to live an abundant life, thank you because in your Word it says that you want my well-being, you have plans for the good, you want me to have a future and to live with hope.

In you my heart will rejoice because I have trusted in your help. You are my deliverer and my shield.  I trust in your divine protection.  

I will worship you, I will bless your name, I will exalt you my God, my King, because you have looked upon my affliction and saved me.  You are my eternal saviour.  Amen.

Mery Bracho

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