Short prayer of Thanksgiving

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Short prayer of thanksgiving
I thank you my God because you are good,
Your mercy is forever.
I pray that your peace rule in our hearts,
we are grateful that you show us your kindness.

Teach us to live and to speak wisely,
with a thanksgiving on our lips,
instead of complaining about things that do not have
or things do not go well for us.

Thank you Lord for the life you give us,
for all your blessings we see daily,
Thanks for being our protector,
You take care of us night and day.
I thank you for being our source of love,
and for giving us the assurance that nothing
You shall separate us from the pure love of you.

Thanks God for the family, friends
thanks for co-workers and all those
that I can play my way through what I do.
Thank you very much for everything, my God. Amen.
Mery Bracho.

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