Prayer for Protection of Family at night or during day time

Prayer for the Protection of the Family at night or during day time.
God, my family is in your hands
I ask your protection for each one,
cover us with your shield,
protect us from diseases, hazards,
of traps and temptations,
Your angels are guarding
when we at home or leave the house.

Lord, my God,
Bless us with your peace,
with your sweet peace in our hearts,
We leave all anxiety, you set us free,
Fill us with your Holy Spirit,
your light shine in this family.

Lord, be with us during night or day time
we trust you, you are powerful
you take care of our sleep and our awakening,
our walk and even our rest.
We give everything we are to you
and we believe in your power.
In Jesus' name, Amen.
Mery Bracho

short prayer for family, protection, free image, safety with God, free image and prayer by Mery Bracho