Short Prayer Help me Lord to face each problem

short prayer facing problems help me Lord
Short Prayer Help me Lord to face each problem
Lord, You have been so good to me
and to my family.
I pray you give me your help,
your love and strength each day.

Lord, please, help me to stand firm,
to face each problem,
help me not to get discouraged
but to trust that you are my strength
in all difficult situation,
Please, place in me spirit of power,
love and self-control and not to be in fear.

In your hands is my life, Lord,
I pray with all my heart, be my guide,
open my eyes to see when you do things around me,
It's in your power that things can be done 
with a humble heart,
I give myself to you,  
cleanse my heart and give me peace
to live in your love, your faithfulness.
You are wonderful, Lord, worthy of honor and glory,
you are my savior and who lifts me up,
nothing is impossible for you,
I trust in your power. Amen.
Mery Bracho

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