Prayer to say before going to sleep at night

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Prayer to say before going to sleep at night

God, you are so good,
you care for our safety,
tonight we rest in your protection,
your refuge and blessing.

Thank God for the strength
that you gave me during the day,
I trusted you and you helped me,
I surrender to your trusty love
I pray you deliver me from dangers,
from diseases and evil.

Lord, thank you for giving us your peace,
in you we have serenity
you take our burdens
so we do not worry about tomorrow
because you have planned it for us.

Tonight before I go to bed
I think of the promises of blessing
that you have given me.

Dear God, may my family live under your care
and your protection, may all of them have
a good resting night
and do not have fears or regrets. Amen.

Short night prayers by Mery Bracho