Prayer to start the day with the Peace of God

Prayer to start the day with the Peace of God

Eternal God, on this day
help me to be in your peace, trusting in you,
keep my thoughts in your truth,
in your faithfulness,
nothing is impossible for you.

Lord, I deposit in your hands my life,
my family's life,
take care of our problems and everything that
we are concerned about,
help me to rest in you,
to leave my burdens at your feet,
to be patient to wait for your divine will.

Lord, I know that there are times
that I've got desperated by some situations,
I have filled my mind with thoughts of fear,
anxiety and lack of faith,
forgive me and guide me in your way,
I want to please you with my thoughts,
help me to keep myself trusting in you,
everything is under your control.

Give me your perfect peace this morning, Lord,
that your serenity fill my day, my night,
my awakening, my dream, my thinking.
In the name of Jesus I pray with thanksgiving. Amen.
Mery Bracho

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