Say this Powerful Family and Thank You Prayer with your Children

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Say this powerful family prayer with your children, brothers, husband or wife, invite them to pray a few moments asking for God’s blessing on this day.

Say this powerful  family and thank you prayer with your children 
Heavenly Father, today with my family we thank you for giving us this new morning of new hope and joys.
We thank you for the life you give us, for everything you do for us.
God, thank you for being our good Shepherd who provides everything for that we trust that nothing will be lacking, we ask that we always be obedient to you, fulfilling your commandments, walking in the truth and seeking your goodness.
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Thank God for our children, bless them, may they always be faithful to you, may they love you and seek you with all their heart.

Family Prayer for this Day

Lord, on this day we beg you to give us strength to fulfill all our activities, that if we feel tired you renew us, if we are concerned help us to remember that in you we have peace, that your Son Jesus left us the true peace that keeps us calm even though we are going through difficulties.

Dear God, today is a day that we want to leave in your hands, we know that you are our protector and that you want us to live trusting in you, help us to think of all your promises and blessings that we will receive if we follow the teachings that you give us through the Bible.

Today more than ever we need you, Lord, guide our lives and show us the way we should go, that we can speak the right thing, that we are ready to listen and understand, that we love each other and bless each other as you wish. 

Give us strength to go through all this day that in our activities we can thank you for every detail of love you give us.

We pray that we may have a day in peace, in love and good cheer, with you it is possible to live an abundant life because your son Jesus gave us that blessing.

Thank you, God, Short Prayer

Thank you for your blessings, God, thank you for forgiving our sins and cleansing us of all our sins against you and others.

Prayer for Protection of the Family

On this day we ask for your divine protection, that your angels guard us when we enter and when we leave, that we always keep ourselves under your protection because we follow your will, protect us from evil, to fall in temptation, deliver us from diseases, of the virus of the environment, that our minds be covered by the blood of Christ and that every thought be carried captive to your obedience.

Only in you is the true love, today we rest in that unconditional love, which fills us and helps us to give to others what we receive from you, Lord.
Thank you for being our Heavenly Father. Every morning, afternoon and night we experience your Father care, your love and comfort. 

Together we worship you, God, you are wonderful, the almighty, who was, is and always will be.
We pray this prayer together this morning thanking you for all the blessings you gave us and will give us.
In the name of Jesus we pray, we love you good God, amen. Mery Bracho

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The importance of Prayer in the Family.

It’s good to pray together as a family. Prayer is important because we talk to God and we can tell him our requests as a family, we ask the Lord for help in any problems or difficulties we have at home. Any conflict can be resolved if we first talk to God and ask Him to guide us to a solution, we pray that we may see Him in the circumstances of our family life.
Prayer moves God, helps us to depend on Him and His love for us as a family. 
Never stop praying, even if you have a few moments it's always good to entrust the children, the couple, the parents in the hands of God who can take care of them and help them.
Always pray with faith, because without faith it's impossible to please God, faith makes us see our family united even if it is not, because we pray for God to do it, faith makes us work for each other’s welfare and have goals. 
Let us continue saying short and long prayers for the family in the morning, afternoon and evening. Mery Bracho