Tonight before going to sleep we pray as a family. Bedtime Prayer

Good Night Short Prayer, Bedtime prayer for the family, prayer before going to sleep by Mery Bracho

Prayers are conversations
with our God,
at night we pray
and ask God's protection,
forgiveness for what we have done
and we thank Him for His blessings.
In peace we lie down and sleep,
Only God enables us to live with confidence.

Bedtime Prayer. Thank you, dear God. Night Prayer.

Good night prayer, bedtime prayer, christian prayer before going to sleep tonight by Mery Bracho.
Tonight, before going to sleep say this prayer, God loves you and want you to sleep well. Good night. Blessings.

Nice and Short Prayer for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving this year is celebrated on November the 23th,
This day we love to share with the family and it’s a time to thank God for all his blessings with this thanksgiving prayer.
Short prayer for giving thanks to God, thanksgiving day, prayer, nice and short prayer to God by Mery Bracho.